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I Love Markdown and you should too!


As a blogger on occasion (its been too long since my last post), I have to write up my posts. Having to think about formatting, spacing, italics, bold, quotes and all that I personally find will break up my flow when drafting. Luckily, there’s a free standard called Markdown that allows me to keep writing and have the formatting happen without a second thought.

I made a video below that feel does a great job demoing how useful markdown can be. I show the basic formatting, but if you want more information, this is a great syntax guide. I can’t recommend enough switching over to using markdown instead of rich editors for your work, once you do you’ll never go back.

The Music in the video is I Miss Summer, by Sro, used under a Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons License

I sped up some typing and scrolling in the video for easier viewing. Don’t worry text prompts don’t normally blink that much!

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  • Fiby
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    Fiby Fiby

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    I’m actually in the process of transitioning my blog from Bluehost (UGH the worst) to a VPS at Vultr. And I’ve decided to give Ghost a try (instead of WordPress). Ghost actually uses Markdown to format the posts, which will be interesting.

    Unfortunately Ghost doesn’t have a comment system built it, or any plugin for analytics, so I am setting up Hashover comments and Matomo (formerly Piwik), respectively

  • Ms. Fiology
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    Ms. Fiology Ms. Fiology

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    Interesting! Right now it seems overwhelming to me but that may be because I am just overwhelmed with all the new things I am learning in the world of blogging.

    I may consider this in the future. Great video/music, BTW.

  • Joel
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    Joel Joel

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    Markdown looks extremely powerful. It’s nice to see the step-by-step examples in this video! Do you have a favorite Markdown plugin you use in WordPress? Or does WordPress speak Markdown out of the box?

    • clackapedia
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      clackapedia clackapedia

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      If you’re using JetPack, theres a feature to write your blog in markdown through the editor. Outside of that, for pure markdown I’d recommend iA Writer. That program also has the ability to one click publish to your WordPress site.