March 2017


My Travel Tech Bag


My current work as a Systems Engineer requires me to work where I have to travel rather often to customer sites, giving presentations and doing implementation work. Having now done this job for almost 2 years, I have gotten pretty good at optimizing for travel, so I thought I would share my insights for those who do not travel as often to help them when the time comes for them to do so as well.

just no....

Today is the electronics, but maybe the regular luggage another day….


EDC is an abbreviation for Every Day Carry, or what is usually on your person. Do to the nature of my job, it was worthwhile to find a good tech bag that is great when I am in the office, but also doubles for travel whenever I am on the road. I’d love to say this was all my own self, but I have to give a special shout out to Jeremy, who recommended this bag to me and it has been a perfect match!

dear god no...

But seriously, what I actually got is awesome!

The Incase EO Travel Backpack

This bag is fantastic! The front section is perfect for sorting all my adapters, pens, etc as well as a front cubby to quickly grab items you need without having to break down the whole bag.

The back section, opens up to have a sleeve that perfectly protects a 13 inch MacBook Pro (though through testing, it is big enough for a 15.6 inch Dell Latitude!) and a section to fit a tablet. As an extra bonus, the section fully unzips and folds down, making the bag 100% TSA Compliant, which means you can just unzip this section, keep the bag as is, and never have to take your laptop out of the case!

Finally, there is a compressed middle section that just exists when you’re not on the road making it a great backpack, but on the road, it can expand into its own luggage compartment that can hold 3-5 days worth of clothes! Depending on what your travels entail, it’s entirely possible to only need this bag and you’re all good to go.

While writing this draft initially, I was on a very small Delta flight that required anyone with a regular bag to check their bag before boarding. As mine is a “backpack” it doesn’t get checked and fits just fine on the flight! Extra convenience for me!

What’s in the bag?

Within the bag I currently carry the following:

Apple Pencil – Stylus for my iPad. Especially useful for annotating PDFs when I’m going through them for studying

iPad Pro 12.9 – Love this thing, big enough to multitask, small enough to still go almost anywhere. I personally find for some tasks having the iPad is better as it allows me to focus better on the task at hand.

MacBook Pro 13′ 2014 Version – I can do a good chunk of my work on just the iPad but not everything yet. Plus there are some tasks I prefer MacOS to iOS to implement. Had the 2016 touch bar, but we know what happened to that…

Anker 5 USB Port Charger – with this, instead of having to carry several different plug adaptors, I just bring the usb cables and plug them all in. Very convenient! As for those cables….

You may notice charging is a common theme for me…

Logitech MX Master Mouse – hands down, the best wireless mouse I’ve ever used. Can connect to up to 3 systems over Bluetooth, fully customizable buttons and side scroll wheel, and super comfortable.

1 Field Notes Pen – I got these for free in my last order of notebooks, but I find for the price they work very well for a simple pen to keep with you

1 Field Notes Notepad – I don’t use paper often, but if I have to whatever reason, I really like the design of this reporter’s notebook by Field Notes. Being this style, it also doesn’t become a pain to write in being left handed myself

1 Anker 26000 USB Battery Pack – a godsend on the road when you don’t know where you’ll find a plug. Especially useful in foreign countries if you don’t have the right adapters. With a full charge, i can load up my iPhone for a week with just this

MacBook Pro Charger – you know, to charge things

Pill Case – I take medicine daily and this keeps it all organized as well has just having some of the basics that are good to have on hand for traveling such as Advil, Imodium, and Benadryl.

Lightning to USB adapter for iPad – described as allowing photos to be send to your iOS devices, on the iPad it allows almost anything that can be USB connected to be plugged into the iPad, from Ethernet ports to Mechanical Keyboards!

Lightning AV Media Adapter – HDMI Out for any lightning device. With this i can present anything with just using my iPhone or iPad

Bose QC35 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones – Do babies annoy you? These can silence the babies…. (and airplane noise, i guess that’s good too!) Seriously, if you travel at any regular duration, buy these! I know they’re crazy expensive but after a month of owning them you won’t care. I wear them traveling and in the office when I need to reduce distractions.

Here’s it all laid out pretty below!

That’s it for now! Hope this helps and given you ideas on what you may want to bring for travel. Let me know if you would like me to do more travel articles like this in the comments below!


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