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January, 2018 3

You Need A Budget: Book Review

“You Need A Budget”, shortened hereafter to YNAB, is the book from the creator of the software of the same name. I have been using the YNAB software for many years, and I have found it to be by far the best budgeting system and methodology that I have used in my personal life. As such I was very interested to read through the creator’s [...]


Camp FI 2018: My Talk Notes

Hello Everybody! I gave a talk at Camp FI this year on creating your next website and what to do next. It was a lot of content, so I’m putting my software recommendations all here from the talk, with a little expansion here and there! You’ll also have my slides and a video going through the same content I went through on the demo. [...]


State of the Apps 2018

It’s a new year! It’s been to long, so it’s time to get my app recommendations rolling again! In the sprit of CGP Grey, it’s time to do another one of these! A lot of 2016 is still relevant (RIP ProTube…), and I’ll repeat some of them here as I don’t want anyone to miss something truly great! I’m going to also be a lot more wordy and [...]