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Thoughts on Grand Theft Auto

A few weeks ago, I walked my dog, then went to my parking lot to get to my car and head to the office for another day of work. Clicking the remote, I quickly realized that i didn’t have my car honking back at me, playing the normal game of sonar I would play in the morning to find my car. After checking with both private and public tow [...]


Thoughts on the App Subscription Model

This article has been in my drafts for the last few months. Since that first draft, multiple applications I use daily have gone to the subscription model, a pain since I’ve had to rewrite sections over multiple times, but a plus as I get to add new perspective. A few months ago, 1Password has released a new subscription service, allowing [...]


Counteracting the Anxiety of Travel

I travel all the time for work, as well as I like to visit my friends who happen to be scattered throughout the US and the world. I also suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder… which can sometimes make travel a hectic ordeal for me. Nevertheless, over time I have developed some coping mechanisms as and tips to allow me to travel as [...]