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I Love Markdown and you should too!

As a blogger on occasion (its been too long since my last post), I have to write up my posts. Having to think about formatting, spacing, italics, bold, quotes and all that I personally find will break up my flow when drafting. Luckily, there’s a free standard called Markdown that allows me to keep writing and have the formatting happen [...]


Camp FI 2018: My Talk Notes

Hello Everybody! I gave a talk at Camp FI this year on creating your next website and what to do next. It was a lot of content, so I’m putting my software recommendations all here from the talk, with a little expansion here and there! You’ll also have my slides and a video going through the same content I went through on the demo. [...]


Counteracting the Anxiety of Travel

I travel all the time for work, as well as I like to visit my friends who happen to be scattered throughout the US and the world. I also suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder… which can sometimes make travel a hectic ordeal for me. Nevertheless, over time I have developed some coping mechanisms as and tips to allow me to travel as [...]