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You Need A Budget: Book Review

“You Need A Budget”, shortened hereafter to YNAB, is the book from the creator of the software of the same name. I have been using the YNAB software for many years, and I have found it to be by far the best budgeting system and methodology that I have used in my personal life. As such I was very interested to read through the creator’s [...]


SaneBox and Email Sanity

I am a subscriber of MacStories Weekly, and in one monthly newsletter, Federico Viticci discusses using SaneBox to help with his email and not be locked into any specific features of an email client or application. It sounded interesting to me, so I went ahead and also took the plunge and setup the 14 day trial for SaneBox. I should [...]


My Regular Travel Bag

Well, it’s that time again! I’m about to travel for 2 weeks on another trip for work! Many people found my tech travel bag article useful, so I figure I’d do it one more time for my regular travel bag. Samsonite Hard Luggage – If you travel more than a couple of times, its time to invest in a hard bag instead of the soft ones. [...]