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Automation with OmniFocus

Currently, I use OmniFocus for all of my task management, from projects at work, to projects at home, to regular day to day tasks. I’ll go into why I’d recommend OmniFocus at another time, but today I wanted to discuss one of the most recent additions to the iOS version that makes it so powerful! Automation! *This post will assume you [...]


Chef Conf 2016 Review

Chef Conf 2016 Review Automation, DevOps, Infrastructure as Code, whatever you want to call it, I have been interested it it for quite a long time and have been wanting to learn it. I happened to go to Camp Mustache this year, where I met someone who currently works with Chef as part of his main profession. He recommended I maybe check [...]


The Simple Path to Wealth Review

I first encountered Jim’s work through a guest post from Mr Money Mustache. He has a very unique way of storytelling in the personal finance world and from that point on he’s been in my RSS feed every week. If you haven’t heard of him up to this point, his Stock Series is mandatory readying for anyone who is interested in investing. I [...]