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The blog’s return to WordPress

I’ve been back on WordPress for the last few months! Did you notice? It's very easy to not have noticed, since I'm using the same theme on my site that I was using with Ghost. At some point I may load a new instance of Ghost up to see if I can see a difference between the two side by side. Why move back? Well there are a variety of [...]


My Digital Workflow – GTD, Todoist, Due

I had some friends who asked me to give a little walkthrough of some of the apps and systems I use, so I made this little video last night on the road! I go through the following: Cliff Notes of GTD (Getting Things Done) Overview of GTD using Todoist Walkthrough of Reminders App Due Let me know if you'd like me to do more videos like [...]


The “Emergency Vacation” Budget

The “Emergency Vacation” Budget I’ve always been a big personal finance geek, loading all my spending into YNAB, seeing where the money goes and all that jazz. One item everyone always says is “have an emergency fund!” That’s great advice, and has saved my bacon on a few occasions, but today I want to talk about a different kind of [...]