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App Pricing and Expectations

When I was listening to Connected Episode 116 a few weeks ago, near the end there was a really interesting conversation with Federico, Myke and Steven about app subscriptions and the plans and expectations when you purchase one in the App Store. It got me really thinking about what my personal expectation where having listened to theirs, [...]


On Flag Burning

Politics discussion… oh boy hope this doesn’t burn me…. My writing tool said this would take about 5 minutes for the average reader to read and finish, before you auto complete the rest of what I say with your own narrative lens, please finish the entire piece. I saw the recent tweet by our president elect, stating that he thinks people [...]


State of the Apps 2016

This is a tribute to CGP Grey’s State of the Apps articles he has done in the past. While waiting for the next one, I decided to go ahead and make one myself. On that note, let’s get to it! Cross Mac and iOS Ulysses (Mac) (iOS) I use this app for all of my blog post writing, I find the workflow and design to be the best to be able to [...]